Sunday 9:30am & 10:30am
Wednesday 6:00pm 
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How can I become a member?
We have three ways in which you can become a member of our church.
(1) If you are a new believer and have never been a part of another church, you may join by professing your faith in Jesus Christ and following in baptism.
(2) If you are a member of another Southern Baptist church but would like to join ours, you may come by a letter of recommendation from the church you are currently a member of. 
(3) If you are joining us from another church (SBC or other) but no letter of recommendation from that church is attainable then you may join by sharing your testimony and following in baptism; if you have not been baptized in a Baptist church.

Do I need to take a new members class before I join?
At this time, we do not require you to take a class prior to membership. However, we do expect new members to participate in a member orientation class when offered.

What privileges do I have as a member?
One privilege every member has is participation in our regular business meetings. Members have opportunity to vote on elections of staff and non-staff positions, annual budget, new members and any other matter that should require a church vote.

A second privilege that every member has is participation in the Lord’s Supper. We encourage every member to come and participate in the Lord’s Supper as often as it is taken.

A third privilege is service in one of our ministry areas. Every member is necessary for the whole church to be healthy so we encourage you to find a ministry to be a part of. It should be mentioned that membership does not guarantee a person the right to teach a class or hold an office, such as deacon or elder. Each person who desires to hold an office or be responsible for teaching must be approved by the church at an official meeting.

Can I help if I’m not a member?
Yes! We welcome you to come and be a part of ministry life in our church as you discover whether or not God is calling you to unite with us. We also welcome help from members of other churches who feel led to participate with any of our ministries. Before participating with one of our ministries, we ask that you meet with one of the elders so that they can hear your testimony and make sure that you are in agreement with our covenant and statement of beliefs. 

Does this church practice church discipline?
Yes. We do believe that the Scriptures encourage discipline for the health of the entire congregation (1 Cor. 5:6-13). If any member becomes involved in publicly known unrepentant sin we will do our best to counsel them, guide them, and love them according to the outline Christ gave in Matthew 18:15-20.

While it is not our desire for any member to be excluded, there may be times when this is the only remaining biblical option. Should it become necessary for a member to be excluded, a two-thirds vote of members present at a special meeting is required. This action does not remove all hope. Should the excluded member display repentance and reformation, that member may be restored by a vote of the church.

Our hope is that discipline never has to take place. If it does, it is our desire to see that member fully restored to fellowship and to reaffirm our love for them through forgiveness and comfort (2 Cor. 2:1-11).