Sunday 9:30am & 10:30am
Wednesday 6:00pm 
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We exist to glorify God by making disciples who love Him, love each other, and love their community.



We are glad that you are considering Atlanta Baptist Church. You will often hear the phrase, "Welcome to the gathering of Atlanta Baptist Church." We say this because we believe the church is a group of people not a building with an address. When you join us you can expect an atmosphere that is casual in style (dress how you like) but serious in content (we are here to worship God, not entertain).

Simple Thoughts

Mining God's Word

BAHH! BAHH! BAHH! BAHH! You sling your arm across your body to silence the horn that has pulled you from your rest; its 5:30am again. Although you would like to...

Figuring Out the Intended Meaning

Last week’s article introduced us to hermeneutics. If you remember, I faced a moment of truth when my daughter asked, “Daddy, what is hermeneutics?&...

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