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Archives for March 2019

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Figuring Out the Intended Meaning

Last week's article introduced us to hermeneutics. If you remember, I faced a moment of truth when my daughter asked, "Daddy, what is hermeneutics?" I replied with a simple but usable definition: Hermeneutics is the task of trying to figure out the intended meaning of a specific passage in the Bible so that we follow it correctly. Now the question is, "How do we figure out...

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open bible

A couple of weeks ago, I told my children that I was taking a seminary course called Intro to Hermeneutics. They playfully attempted to pronounce the word. My four-year-old daughter stood up and exclaimed, "I know! It's Herpa-tooth-picks!" Once the laughter subsided, my oldest daughter asked a thoughtful question, "Daddy, what is hermeneutics?" Taking a deep breath, I repl...

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