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Archives for August 2021

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The Hand of God

Ezra is surely becoming one of my favorite books. Prior to this current preaching series, I had never given a sermon from this Old Testament book. A few people have asked, "How did you decide to preach from Ezra?" "God guided me here," has been my standard response. This is fitting since Ezra emphasizes God's hand guiding His people back to Jerusalem.In the first six chapt...

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Renewal: An overview of Ezra

"The hand of our God is favorably disposed to all those who seek Him" ~Ezra 8:22 God's hand renews. This is the theme of Ezra, which is one of the books that describes how God kept His covenant faithfulness to His people by bringing them back home after decades of exile in Babylon. How did God's people get carried away into exile? It was the result of breaking their coven...

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Spiritual Dryness

In 1980, Keith Green was feeling disconnected from the Lord and as a good song writer does, he wrote about his experience. "Oh Lord, please light the fire, That once burned bright and clear. Replace the lamp of my first love, That burns with Holy fear." Could these words be your words? Have you ever felt disconnected from God and long to have His fire rekindled inside of...

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