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When You are Praying

“When you pray...”
“When you are praying...”
“Pray, then…”

 When we read these verses there is no doubt that our Lord expects us to pray (Matthew 6:5,7,9). Every believer should be ready to go into his/her closet to talk with the Father. When we are bowed in prayer our Father hears our deepest longings most clearly and we receive His replies most gladly. It during times of prayer that we draw nearest to the heart of God.

I know that when I pray, I’m caught up in His presence like no other time. It is as if all the troubles of the world fly away! How can this be? How can I have peaceful, joy-filled, unhindered conversation with the Father? Jesus is praying for me (Hebrews 7:25). Yes, dear Saints, Jesus is praying for all His followers. As we bow our heads in prayer our Savior is bowing His as well. While our lips express our deepest concerns to the Father, our Savior’s lips are moving in our behalf. 

Dear Brother and Sisters in Christ continue praying in hopeful expectation knowing that Jesus is praying in the other room.