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When Things Change

Look around you. Are things changing in your world? My world is changing, and it’s changing much faster than I ever expected—my parents recently sold their home place and are moving into senior housing, my oldest son is 4 years away from driving, my oldest daughter is starting to wear make-up (UHG!), and my two youngest children have started telling me that I’m middle-aged (Since when did 34 become middle-aged?). My family is not the only thing changing, though. Our church is changing also. In the last three years two deacons have gone on to be with the Lord. Our chairman of deacons moved to the nursing home; and one of our most respected men and Sunday school teachers died unexpectedly. Oh, how things are changing.

In our world of constantly shifting tides there is One who remains the same—"For I the LORD do not change” (Malachi 3:6). Our God never changes in His character, convictions, or credibility. He never experiences growth or attrition. He never waivers in what He affirms or denies. His promises never fail. His word is always trustworthy, and He intends for us to delight in His absolute constancy.

How do we delight in His absolute constancy when everything around us is always in flux? Answer: As we delight in His testimonies— “Your testimonies are also my delight; they are my counselors” (Psalm 119:24). Did you notice what the Psalmist says (I mean really notice)? “Your testimonies are also my delight.” That word ‘also’ is key. What else is the Psalmist delight? God! The Psalmist delights in God and is confident that he can and should also delight in God’s word. Since God remains the same, His word remains the same; and our delight in God will grow as we delight in His word. But, did you notice what else the Psalmist said? “They (God’s testimonies) are my counselors. Delighting in God’s testimonies means that we let His testimonies (His word) counsel us. When we are struggling to parent our children, we schedule an appointment with God’s word and let Him counsel us. During major health crisis, we regularly visit God’s word and let Him counsel us through it. When we entertain the thought of a career change, we go to God’s word and let Him weigh in with His advice before we make our move. We go to God’s word for counsel on anything and everything because we know that His word will lead us in the direction that ends with eternal delight.   

Are you delighting in God’s word? Do you spend time reading His word? Do you turn to His word to gain wisdom for your daily decisions? Do you trust His word and follow what He says? May His word be to you sweeter than honey and more desirable than gold.