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When Things Change

Look around you. Are things changing in your world? My world is changing, and it's changing much faster than I ever expectedmy parents recently sold their home place and are moving into senior housing, my oldest son is 4 years away from driving, my oldest daughter is starting to wear make-up (UHG!), and my two youngest children have started telling me that I'm middle-aged ...

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When You are Praying

"When you pray..." "When you are praying..." "Pray, then" When we read these verses there is no doubt that our Lord expects us to pray (Matthew 6:5,7,9). Every believer should be ready to go into his/her closet to talk with the Father. When we are bowed in prayer our Father hears our deepest longings most clearly and we receive His replies most gladly. It during times of ...

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open bible

A couple of weeks ago, I told my children that I was taking a seminary course called Intro to Hermeneutics. They playfully attempted to pronounce the word. My four-year-old daughter stood up and exclaimed, "I know! It's Herpa-tooth-picks!" Once the laughter subsided, my oldest daughter asked a thoughtful question, "Daddy, what is hermeneutics?" Taking a deep breath, I repl...

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Mining God's Word

BAHH! BAHH! BAHH! BAHH! You sling your arm across your body to silence the horn that has pulled you from your rest; its 5:30am again. Although you would like to go back to sleep something pulls you from your warm bed. What could possess you to wake up this early on a Saturday morning? Reading your Bible. The past several weeks has taught you a valuable lesson about Bible ...

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Figuring Out the Intended Meaning

Last week's article introduced us to hermeneutics. If you remember, I faced a moment of truth when my daughter asked, "Daddy, what is hermeneutics?" I replied with a simple but usable definition: Hermeneutics is the task of trying to figure out the intended meaning of a specific passage in the Bible so that we follow it correctly. Now the question is, "How do we figure out...

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